12:14 GMT27 November 2020
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    The two supposedly competing networks reportedly conspired to retaliate against an employee who leaked video footage that revealed ABC spiked a Jeffrey Epstein story several years ago.

    CBS News has sparked massive outrage for reportedly firing an employee who leaked video footage that revealed ABC News killed Amy Robach’s Jeffrey Epstein story years ago, Fox News reported Thursday, citing journalist Yashar Ali.

    According to the journalist, who in turn cited two unnamed sources, ABC News executives “believed they knew the identity” of a former employee who potentially had access to the damning footage of Robach explaining how the network spiked her story years before Epstein came into media spotlight this year. 

    The ex-employee was supposedly working at CBS at the time of the leak.

    ABC executives allegedly were in communication with CBS, and CBS eventually fired the purported leaker, sources told Ali. A separate report by The New York Post’s Page Six supports the story.

    "A TV source said the woman was let go on Wednesday, after ABC execs alerted CBS," Page Six wrote Thursday.

    The move faces harsh criticism on social media, who have slammed the two networks both for firing the leaker and for their alleged conspiracy to suppress pedophilia at high levels of state.

    ​Some critics noted that the two networks retaliated against the leaker while praising the whistleblower whose complaint led to an impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump.

    ​Reacting to earlier reports about the spiked Epstein story, ABC claimed the piece “didn’t meet” its airing standards at the time, and that since then, the network has dedicated a team to investigate accusations against the deceased Epstein and his cronies.

    The video in question, leaked by Project Veritas, included Robach detailing how ABC refused to air an interview she conducted with one of Epstein’s victims several years ago. Roback later issued a statement that fell in line with ABC’s official reaction.


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