23:51 GMT22 February 2020
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    Trump Jr. on Tuesday published a new book called "Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us", which he claims is “the book that liberals don’t want you to read or share with others".

    Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, said on Tuesday that he has been told “a couple of times” by his father that he is “getting a little hot” on Twitter.

    “You know, I realised, it took me 41 years to realise that I was probably a lot more like him than we ever thought. And, you know, backed in a corner, we fight… But every once in a while, I get that call like, 'Hey, you're getting a little hot on social'”, Donald Jr. reportedly said.

    The younger Trump, a Tuesday guest on Fox & Friends, while promoting his new book imitated an incoming phone call from his father’s office telling him that the president wanted to speak to him. “Don, getting a little hot", Donald Jr. claimed his father told him.

    Donald Jr., who has four million Twitter followers in comparison to the president’s 66.6 million, suggested that his tweets were not as hot as his father’s.

    “I will take your advice on anything. I mean, this guy, you know, he gets it. He understands life, he understands people, he understands human nature. You know, you can really learn a lot from the guy. He’s amazing", said the younger Trump.

    Even though Donald Jr.'s words were open, they are not as sensational as in his book, in which the younger Trump reveals that he has these kind of conversations with his father who he hilariously described as “our tweeter-in-chief, the so-called Shakespeare of 140 characters".


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