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    A woman holds up her cell phone before a rally with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Thursday, 29 September 2016, in Bedford, New Hampshire.

    NYT, WaPo Apps Still on Trump’s Phone Despite White House Directive to Cancel Subscriptions – Report

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    Donald Trump has repeatedly blamed both newspapers for publishing fake news, referring to the New York Times as "failing" and labelling the WaPo as the "Amazon Washington Post" because it is owned by billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

    US President Donald Trump hasn't deleted the apps of The New York Times and The Washington Post from his iPhone XS Max despite the White House's recent move to cancel subscriptions to the two newspapers, the news website Axios cited several unnamed sources as saying on Sunday.

    This comes after Trump tweeted on 26 October that “the fake Washington Post keeps doing phony stories, with zero sources, that I am concerned with the impeachment scam”, in a sign that the sources said indicated that he “wasn't quite abiding by his NYT/WaPo ban”.

    Trump’s remarks followed the US media reporting that the White House plans to order US federal agencies not to renew subscriptions to the New York Times and Washington Post.

    “Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving - hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will be saved,” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in an email on 24 October as quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

    The newspaper added in this vein that Trump remains an avid reader of the New York Times and Washington Post, a habit that he will hardly quit even after the directive enters force.

    Earlier, Trump told the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News that The New York Times is “a fake newspaper” and that “we don't even want it in the White House anymore”.

    “We're going to probably terminate that [The New York Times] and the Washington Post. They're fake,” he added.

    Trump earlier slammed the New York Times as "failing", while describing the WaPo as the "Amazon Washington Post", in an apparent nod to the newspaper being owned by billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

    Both newspapers have repeatedly claimed that their reporters and writers are both neutral and objective observers of events who produce articles free of political bias.


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