06:40 GMT24 November 2020
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    An FBI spokesperson explained that the man who painted this message about Russia allegedly controlling people via micro devices inserted into their ears appears to be suffering from some kind of mental illness.

    A man who recently left a car with a cryptic warning painted on it next to the FBI office in Pittsburgh has finally turned himself in, according to local NBC affiliate WPXI.

    The message painted on the man’s car said: "Russia plants micro radio devices in ppls ears and controls them using a sound similar to a dog whistle. Subliminal hypnosis."

    ​While the vehicle was examined by a bomb squad, and with FBI agents and Pittsburgh police moved to investigate this incident, an FBI spokesperson explained that the man turned himself in voluntarily and appears to be suffering from "an unknown mental illness."

    ​News of this development, perhaps predictably, seemed to amuse a number of social media users who joked about the contents of the "mind control" warning.

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