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    US President Donald Trump mocks US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as he rallies supporters in Dallas, Texas, 17 October 2019

    Trump Gets Hogtied and Taped Shut in Pro-Abortion Ads by ‘Body-Positive’ Sportswear Brand

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    The Trump administration this year effectively banned institutions funded through the federal Title X programme from referring for or performing abortions – a move decried by pro-abortion activists. The new billboard in Times Square apparently comes as part of an effort to rebuke President Trump for that widely-criticised decision.

    An American sportswear company is running a graphic ad in Times Square, one of the world’s busiest places, showing President Trump hog-tied and humiliated by a female Marine Corps veteran.

    The billboard depicts model Michal Mesa, described in a press release as a former US Marine and a middle school teacher, standing over a screaming Trump with her bare foot on his head. He is tied up with a net featuring the colours of the American flag, against the backdrop of a storm gathering over the White House.

    ​“Perhaps now more than ever, it’s crucial we take a powerful stand against those who are determined to strip Americans of our rights. I’m proud to represent Lady Liberty and hope it inspires more people to take a stand,” Mesa said.

    The ad is sponsored by Dhvani, a ‘body-positive’ active-wear company based in Portland, Oregon. Dhvani has created other confrontational images, in which a woman appears to be taping Trump’s mouth shout or the President sits on a golden toilet while a woman takes away his phone.

    New Restrictive Abortion Rules

    The images are part of the firm’s #StandForSomething online campaign, protesting against sweeping changes to Title X, a 50-year-old federal programme that provides family-planning funding and health services, including cancer screenings and birth control, to low-income individuals. Over 4 million Americans received services funded through Title X last year, and four in ten of those people received their care at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest reproductive healthcare organisation.

    The Trump administration in March issued a rule barring Title X recipients that perform abortions or offer abortion referrals – including Planned Parenthood – from getting federal funding under the programme. The decision was praised by pro-life groups but was immediately challenged in courts by civil rights campaigners.

    Planned Parenthood decided to leave Title X in August due to the regulation, which it called “unethical and dangerous,” so it could continue referring for or providing abortions.

    Dhvani has decided to stand with pro-abortion campaigners and says it will be giving five per cent of its gross sales through the end of the year to Planned Parenthood’s local arms.

    “We are proud to join Planned Parenthood in defending women from assaults on our reproductive rights,” said Dhvani’s chief communications officer, Chloe Mason. “Trump administration policies are threatening the health and bodily autonomy of women, especially women of colour, low-income women and LGBTQ women.”

    The company’s stunt came in for some criticism on social media, however, with sceptics accusing its controversial images of “inciting violence” and spreading “propaganda.”

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