06:50 GMT05 December 2020
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    As Pelosi explained, voters already had their say during the last election, and impeachment is about the truth and the Constitution of the United States.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has recently announced that, apparently, voters in the United States won’t have a say over whether she and her colleagues honour their “oath of office” regarding the Trump impeachment issue, at least not directly.

    During a weekly press briefing on 17 October, Pelosi insisted that "impeachment is about the truth and the Constitution of the United States", and that various poignant issues, like disapproval of Trump’s handling of the situation in Syria or his actions regarding gun violence, are "about the election", and that it has "nothing to do with what is happening in terms of our oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and the facts that might support."

    As she stopped, one reporter asked her: "At what point might you say let’s just let the voters decide?"

    "The voters are not going to decide whether we honour our oath of office. They already decided that in the last election," Pelosi replied.

    ​The house speaker’s sentiment did not seem to sit well with many social media users who criticised both her statement about the role of the voters and her claim that the impeachment proceedings have got nothing to do with the upcoming presidential election.

    Earlier this week, Pelosi also declared that a full vote on the House of Representatives floor concerning US President Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry has not been scheduled.

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