02:48 GMT20 January 2021
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    Already-strong calls for impeaching Donald Trump have multiplied in recent days following reports that an intelligence official had filed a complaint about Trump’s interactions with Ukrainian officials. The president denies any wrongdoing.

    In a rare attack on her own party, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has chastised the Democratic Party’s leadership for their unwillingness to start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

    The New York congresswoman tweeted on Sunday: “At this point, the bigger national scandal isn’t the president’s lawbreaking behavior - it is the Democratic Party’s refusal to impeach him for it.”

    “It is one thing for a sitting president to break the law,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. “It’s another to let him. The integrity of our democracy isn’t threatened when a president breaks the law. It‘s threatened when we do nothing about it. The GOP’s silence & refusal to act shouldn’t be a surprise. Ours is.”

    A number of people have disagreed with Ocasio-Cortez, suggesting that she might have been inflating the problem.

    Others sided with the congresswoman and went even further; broaching the idea of impeaching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her failure to embrace impeachment.

    Calls for impeachment grew stronger on Friday following media reports that an intelligence official had registered a complaint, accusing Trump of pressing Ukraine’s new president Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, under the guise of anti-corruption crackdown, in a move that could harm Trump’s potential 2020 opponent.

    Trump dismissed the potentially explosive report as “presidential harassment” and straight-up “fake.” “I have conversations with many leaders. It's always appropriate,” he said of the 25 July phone call with Zelenskiy that is at the centre of the controversy.

    The House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed acting director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, over the whistleblower complaint, which has apparently been concealed from Congress.

    Dozens of Democrats have called for starting an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, who is feuding with the lawmakers as they try to investigate him.

    But House Leader Nancy Pelosi has so far declined to endorse impeachment proceedings, saying that new laws are needed to specify when a sitting president should be indicted for wrongdoing. A Republican-controlled Senate is very, very unlikely to support the idea of impeaching Trump, and some Democrats fear that a legal battle would likely damage their chances in 2020.

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