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    Distant Trump Cousin Says President ‘Stole’ Her Pancakes During Visit to Scotland - Report

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    The 79-year old Scottish national remembers the young future US president as “unfriendly” and nothing like his ”lovely” parents.

    Scotswoman Alice Mackay, a distant cousin of US President Donald Trump, shared unpleasant memories about the US president, telling reporters he hasn’t fit into the family since he was a young boy.

    “I don't like the man at all,” Mackay said of Trump, according to The Daily Mail. “He had lovely parents, I don't know what went wrong with him.'

    Mackay is related to the maternal side of Trump’s family; Trump’s mother, who emigrated from Scotland in 1930, used to visit Mackay’s home frequently, together with Trump’s older sister Maryanne Trump Barry.

    “She never forgot her roots and actually wanted to be buried here, but I think it was too much of an expense at the time and I don’t think her husband wanted it,” Mackay said of Trump's mother.

    Donald, on the other hand, almost never visited Scotland – at least, before his 2014 purchase of golf course in Turnberry. On the rare occasions that he did, he reportedly wasn’t very friendly and did not stay for long.

    Mackay recalled a visit by the Trumps shortly after her husband died, and, according to the woman, the incumbent US president “stole” pancakes from the kitchen, appearing to be oblivious to his infraction.

    “He [Donald Trump] was here one morning I was busy making pancakes and he had forgotten my husband had died. He put a few pancakes in his pocket and never said "cheerio" or anything,” Mackay complained, according to The Daily Mail.

    ​She also noted that Trump did not inherit his parent’s love for charity; while the older Trumps donated to hospices and charities, Trump “wouldn’t give a penny,” she claimed.

    ​In 2016, The Washington Post discovered that Trump in fact donated more than $102 million to charities between 2011-2016, although it was not in cash, but primarily as free rounds at Trump golf courses, auctioned for fundraising.

    ​Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was born in New York in 1905 and died in 1999. His mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was born in 1912 in the small village of Tong, near Stornoway, Scotland. The two married in 1936, and Mary Anne became a US citizen in 1942. She died in 2000.

    In 2008, as Trump visited his mother’s house in Tong, he suggested that he “feels Scottish,” The Guardian reported at the time. 

    "I like it. I feel very comfortable here. It's interesting when your mother, who was such a terrific woman, comes from a specific location, you tend to like that location. I think I do feel Scottish,” Trump said.


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