04:33 GMT31 May 2020
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    The View host has, as did her late father, Republican veteran John McCain, a long history of spats with Donald Trump and his family. In the most recent case, she spoke up about a report by The Atlantic on alleged infighting between Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., calling the US president’s family “not good people”.

    The White House’s deputy communications director has lambasted John McCain’s daughter Meghan for her claims concerning rumours about a rift between Donald Trump’s children, something that was earlier reported by The Atlantic.

    “The idea that the hosts of The View or a reporter at The Atlantic have any factual reads on what goes on within the Trump family is completely asinine”, Jessica Ditto told People.

    She branded The Atlantic article false, saying that “a flimsy single anonymous source will not succeed at creating a rift in the family”. She also defended Ivanka Trump’s work as her presidential father’s aide in the administration over the last two and a half years:

    “Pledges for the creation of millions of training opportunities for American workers and over a billion dollars in funding towards women’s economic empowerment in Latin America are anything but nebulous”, Ditto concluded.

    Meghan McCain breathed fresh life into her feud with the Trumps as she discussed The Atlantic’s account of the presidential family, including claims that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. were suspected of planting stories about each other.

    lthough it has been denied by the presidential administration, Meghan McCain called it “illuminating” and said that she believed it. While her co-host noted that she felt “sorry for the kids at different moments”, Meghan McCain said: “They get nothing from me”, accusing Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner of “crashing” her dad’s funeral.

    “They’re not good people”, she said.

    Republican Senator John McCain, who passed away due to cancer-related complications last August, was one of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump, with his condemnation of the real estate billionaire beginning shortly after Trump launched his presidential bid. However, the row did not end after his death, as it morphed into a never-ending feud between Meghan McCain and Donald Trump.

    In this May 3, 2014 file photo, Meghan McCain, and Sen. John McCain attend the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington
    © AP Photo / Invision / Evan Agostini
    In this May 3, 2014 file photo, Meghan McCain, and Sen. John McCain attend the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington

    For example, while Donald Trump's tweets criticised the former Arizona senator's role in the infamous Steele dossier (a document compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele that triggered rumours of Trump-Russia collusion and inspired the Mueller investigation) even after his death, she has pulled no punches on Twitter in defending her father's name.


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