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    Blogger Belle Delphine made headlines earlier this year when she pulled a stunt by offering to sell water that she had allegedly bathed in to her thirsty fan base. Although the venture proved to be a commercial success, as she sold 500 jars at $30 each, it also prompted criticism against the gamer girl.

    Belle Delphine, whose bizarre enterprise to sell bathwater went viral, has come under fire from angry supporters who paid for exclusive content from her on the subscription platform Patreon, the website Dexerto.com reports. The outlet, which covers blogging and Internet news, cites an email from a donor in her $50 Patreon tier who noted that she “hasn’t added her paying patrons on [Snapchat] for all of August and most of July or posted on it”. He also complained that Delphine “hasn’t been active at all or fulfilling the promises to her patrons that pay for the $1,000 tier”.

    “She’s completely scamming her paying fan base without releasing any content. Her last post said she would be doing extra and making the month ‘extra special’”, the disappointed fan claimed.

    Dexerto.com earlier noted that the cosplay star has been off radar on Patreon since August, when she posted that she is eager to “make this month an extra good month for all of you to show you just how much I love and appreciate everything you have all done for me”. The following silence reportedly prompted a wave of complaints, as some supporters left comments like “You still haven’t gotten me added to snapchat use”, or “I pay $100 and I get nothing all month?”, or “The B I G ripoff”.

    However, some stood up for the blogger, insisting that she is on hiatus and asking not to disrespect her. Patreon has remained one of few means of following her updates after her Instagram account was shut down.

    Delphine found her page, with a whopping 4.5 million subscribers, blocked in early August. The 19-year-old referred to a “technical issue” as the reason behind her absence. However, speculation ran high at the time that her content was dangerously close to pornography.

    She responded, in turn, that Instagram is currently restoring her account. Her page was taken down, as she reported on Patreon on 1 August, while she was away on holiday. Nevertheless, her account on Instagram has still not been restored.
    The development followed uproar around her controversial business venture to sell her own bathtub water. Although it seemed absurd to many, the 19-year-old, who calls herself a gamer girl, actually sold 500 jars at $30 each. Admitting that it was initially conceived as a joke, she told Metro that she eventually found the idea funny, adding that she had to stop, as “she can’t actually take enough baths, and it [her bathwater] has sold out!”


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