09:38 GMT23 October 2020
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    The US president previously stated that Mueller's investigation had stolen two years of his term, going on to joke that it would be fair to extend his time in the White House.

    US President Donald Trump joked about staying in the White House even after 2024, thereby remaining in office when the country hosts the 2026 World Cup.

    During a press conference with FIFA President Gianni Infantino at the White House on Sunday, Trump said "we're going to have to extend my second term because 2026, I'm going to have to extend it for a couple of years… I don’t think any of you would have a problem with that", he told journalists.

    On Monday he also raised the prospect during an election rally in North Carolina.

    "I said, well wait a minute. Under the normal rules, I’ll be out in 2024. So we may have to go for an extra term, OK?" Trump laughed.

    The US president predicted a scandal in media reports because journalists would take his words seriously.

    "Oh they're going crazy, they're going crazy. Tomorrow you’re going to see headlines: 'Trump wants an extra term!'" he said. "No. No. I'm only kidding. I'm only kidding". However, he later shared an image of a possible 2024 campaign sign.


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