16:56 GMT19 September 2020
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    Three men were taken into custody after members of the public tipped off authorities over one weekend, law enforcement authorities disclosed. In all three cases, searches found firearms and extensive amounts of ammunition.

    As the US recovers from recent deadly shootings that killed over 20 people, three more suspected shootings were foiled this weekend, CNN reported, citing US authorities.

    In Connecticut, Brandon Wagshol, 22, was arrested after a public informant tipped off police that the man was trying to buy a large-capacity rifle magazine from out of state.  

    The investigation revealed that Wagshol was trying to build his own rifle and allegedly made a post on Facebook expressing interest in committing a mass shooting. A search of his house came up with multiple weapons, ammunition, body armour, and other tactical gear.

    The man is being held on a $250,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on 6 September, the CNN report says.

    In Florida, Tristan Scott Wix, 25, was arrested after his ex-girlfriend tipped off police about messages he sent. In the messages, the young man explained that he wanted to die and “have fun doing it".

    "A good 100 kills would be nice", one message reportedly read.

    In another message he explained how he would conduct a shooting.

    ​"A school is a weak target.. id [sic] be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over 3 miles away..  I'd wanna break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever", a message read. A search came up with a .22-calibre hunting rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition, the CNN report says. The man is currently being held in custody without bond.

    In Ohio, 20-year-old James Patrick Reardon was arrested after allegedly threatening a Jewish organisation via social media.

    According to the report, Reardon posted a video of a man firing a gun and tagging the Jewish Community Centre of Youngstown.

    ​"Police identified the Youngstown Jewish Family Community shooter as local white nationalist Seamus O'Rearedon", the caption for the post reportedly read, with “Seamus” being a Gaelic version of the names James.

    The rest of his account was comprised mostly of anti-Semitic comments, aggressive content and images of Reardon himself or someone else shooting guns.

    Following a search that also revealed a stash of weapons and ammunition, the man was taken into custody over one count of telecommunications harassment and one count of aggravated menacing, police said, according to CNN.

    At least 22 people were killed and more than 20 wounded after a gunman opened fire in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, earlier this month. Less than 24 hours later, a gunman killed nine people and wounded 27 others in a separate shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

    In the US, an estimated 33,000 people annually are killed in gun violence, according to government data.


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