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    In this April 2009 photo, a black vulture perches on a fence post at Shepherd of the Hill Fish Hatchery in Branson, Mo. Black vultures have extended their range from South America and the southeastern U.S. into Midwestern states such as Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Like the more common turkey vulture, the black vulture feeds off dead animals, but unlike the turkey vulture, it also attacks live animals. Cattle producers have reported that newborn calves are particularly vulnerable to fatal attacks.

    Crappy Holiday: Luxurious Florida Vacation House Ruined by Black Vultures' Poo and Puke (Video)

    © AP Photo / Jim Rathert
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    Animal faeces and vomit are probably not what one might expect from a vacation house worth $702,000. Alas, this is exactly what befell a New York couple, whose vacation home in Florida was invaded by scavenger birds.

    A ritzy Florida vacation house owned by a New York couple lost some of its opulence as a flock of black vultures overran the place, vomiting and pooping everywhere, The Palm Beach Post reported.

    More than a dozen carrion birds managed to shatter screen enclosures around the swimming pool and the barbecue area and get inside, wreaking havoc.

    ​The owners of the house, the Casimano family, were forced to park their car in the garage for fear the birds could peck them. According to Siobhan Casimano, the house smelled "like a thousand rotting corpses".

    As it turned out, the birds may have entered the property because of the Casimano's neighbour, who is said to be excessively feeding wildlife, including the vultures, despite having been warned on multiple occasions not to do so.

    However, according to the neighbourhood association president, little can be done because the vultures, being migratory birds, are protected by federal law.


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