04:50 GMT05 August 2020
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    Jeffrey Epstein's Apparent Suicide (60)

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The top two members of the US House Judiciary Committee have asked Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Acting Director Hugh Hurwitz to answer a list of 23 questions related to the policies and procedures of the prison in New York where accused sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is reported to have committed suicide.

    "It is imperative that the Committee on the Judiciary […] receive responses to these questions related to the adequacy of BOP’s suicide prevention policies and their implementation in this instance, as soon as possible", House Judiciary Panel Chairman Jerrold Nadler and ranking member Doug Collins said in a letter on Monday.

    Earlier in the day, US Attorney General William Barr said that the Department of Justice had learned of "serious irregularities" at the federal jail in New York where Epstein allegedly killed himself on Saturday.

    As of early Monday evening, the FBI and other federal agencies were on Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands seeking additional evidence to implicate his inner circle, several media outlets reported, citing unnamed sources, although no photos of the raid were available.

    The incident was quickly met with suspicion as Epstein is linked to many famous and powerful people and had inexplicably been taken off of suicide watch, despite reportedly trying to kill himself just weeks earlier.

    Police have been investigating Epstein since the 2000s, arresting him in 2005 for molesting an underage girl. Epstein was convicted as a sexual offender and served 13 months in custody.

    In July 2019, Epstein was arrested a second time for trafficking minor girls at his mansion for sex. Some of the charges date back to the 2000s.

    Epstein pleaded not guilty to the charges, facing up to 45 years in prison had he been convicted.

    Jeffrey Epstein's Apparent Suicide (60)


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