11:52 GMT12 June 2021
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    An unsuspecting couple in their 20s, who were enjoying a camping vacation in Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, said they were awakened on Sunday by a man flashing his torchlight through their tent and then alerting them to the fact that there was allegedly someone or something on the rampage at the campsite.

    A man fired gunshots while at a camping site in central Kentucky after telling campers they were searching for Bigfoot, local television station WBKO-TV reported, citing a couple, Brad Ginn, 24, and Madelyn Durand, a 22-year-old Kentucky University student.

    They said they were rousted from their tent in the middle of the night by the man, who told them there was somebody or something elusive that had ruined their campsite at Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park, saying he would comb through the “Bigfoot country”, urging them to get guns for better security:

    "He said 'I hope you have weapons' and then he flashed his gun at us and was like 'I have this so if anything happens to you then just yell and I'll come'", Durand told WBKO-TV, adding they heard the shots after they headed back to their tent.

    The couple then called police and hiked five miles back to their car, where they reported their petrifying night-time encounter to park rangers, claiming that it had frightened them greatly.

    They recalled that the armed man had originally come up to them with his son in tow, noting he referred to the place as popular for Bigfoot sightings. Just before he fired his gun, with the flashes ominously penetrating the darkness of the night, Durand noted that they heard him yell unambiguously “I see it!”

    "The guy said he saw a Bigfoot emerge from the brush and it was coming towards him, so he shot at it", said Ginn, with Durand adding that as they flashed lights to find out if there was indeed some animal lurking over there, they found nothing.

    Alleged Bigfoot sightings and related legends are typically associated with the Pacific Northwest. In Marion, North Carolina, not far from the Blue Ridge Mountains, the mayor made the ape-like monster, otherwise known as Sasquatch, the city’s official animal during an inaugural Bigfoot festival last September.

    A purported Bigfoot was last spotted in Ontario, Canada, earlier this year when the beast, poking out from behind the macabre woods, reportedly appeared on camera and was then seen walking through a snow covered forest. Its eyes appeared to have caught the glint of the man’s torch, with the observer then heard taking off to make his escape from the scene.


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