20:40 GMT01 December 2020
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    The US president is apparently frustrated with coverage he receives from the US news network known for being the most loyal media outlet to the current administration. However, Fox staffers are not particularly worried, a report revealed.

    US President Donald Trump appears to be frustrated with the coverage he is receiving from Fox News – the news outlet known for being remarkably loyal to the president, in contrast to many other mainstream media whose largely negative coverage led the president to verbally attack them on Twitter, a Daily Beast report says.

    According to three sources close to the president, in recent weeks Trump repeatedly questioned media figures, longtime friends and political advisors a new question using the phrase: “what the hell is going on at Fox?”

    Sources told The Daily Beast that Trump grilled several Fox employees on the topic over what he perceives as “unfair” media coverage. The president, known for his affinity for the Fox cable news network, sounded surprised and frustrated in the way Fox hosts treated him.

    “I’ve been good to them,” Trump is reported to have said. 

    The network is run by Lachlan Murdoch, the eldest son of Rupert Murdoch, and is a staunch supporter of the conservative positions of the network hosts, according to The Business Insider. By contrast, James Murdoch, Lachlan’s younger brother, has reportedly said that he’s “embarrassed” by Fox News coverage and has implied that he adheres to a more liberal agenda.

    According to The Daily Beast source, Trump accused both younger Murdochs of being “very liberal” and asked current and former Fox personalities whether the media mogul’s sons “can be trusted.”

    Earlier in July, Trump lashed out at Fox on Twitter, accusing them of being “worse than Fake News CNN,” after Fox broadcast footage of soccer fans in France chanting “F**k Trump!” during the Womens’ World Cup.

    ​According to The Daily Beast, Trump instructed senior aides, including economic adviser Larry Kudlow, to participate in more shows and interviews that are not with Fox News. 

    Many at Fox believe that being at odds with Trump is beneficial: his attacks on the network help refute claims of Fox being “state media,” The Daily Beast says. 

    The network was repeatedly faced criticism for being in too close a relationship with the administration, making the reaction to Trump’s attacks more of an “eye roll,” sources said.


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