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    Buzz as Trump Campaign Takes Dig at Dems by Selling ‘Recyclable’ Non-Liberal Drinking Straws

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    A new, out of the ordinary item has appeared on the Trump campaign donation website that offers Trump- and MAGA-engraved goods to POTUS fans, and the public is still in the dark what it is actually made of.

    POTUS Trump’s 2020 campaign has something extraordinary to offer thirsty (or partying? or both) MAGA fans – commemorative drinking tubes with the president’s name laser-engraved on them.

    The “reusable and recyclable BPA free” item, promoted as a locally produced US product, appeared on the official Trump campaign website priced at $15 per pack of 10 straws, which is 150 times more expensive than usual plastic ones, a 1000-pack of which normally retails for about $10.

    The description clearly describes the way the straws on offer are different from ordinary ones:

    "Liberal paper straws don't work”, the introductory passage starts apparently implying some environmental connotations linked to the current Democratic climate change agenda. It then continues with an appeal:

    "STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today”.

    The website doesn’t specify what the straws are made of, but if Trump’s son, Donald Jr. was involved in designing them – he had previously spoken out on the issue – then it’s highly likely that they are not manufactured of paper.

    "Paper Straws Suck #Trump2020”, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted in June.

    The assortment of goods on the Trump campaign website, which has announced a race for donations, being topped up with the brand-new drinking accessories most surely didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter.

    Critics immediately weighed in, with one arguing that if there is something wrong in the ecosystem, they will know who to blame this on:

    Saucy remarks over what straws are basically meant for and the exact way they are used also arrived:

    Many picked up on the mammoth price of the goods:

    … while others cheekily remarked that the description sounds strikingly liberal.


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