02:30 GMT06 December 2020
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    Prior to this year, no US president in recent American history has made themselves part of a Fourth of July event in Washington DC.

    Thousands participated in the annual National Independence Day Parade marching in the central streets of the US capital of Washington DC, held hours before the first 'Salute to America' event, initiated by President Donald Trump.

    The traditional parade was held just hours before the "Salute to America" event. Trump first voiced the idea to hold the celebration after attending a Bastille Day military parade in Paris in 2017.

    Called 'Salute to America', the event will pay tribute to each of the five US service branches and will include flyovers by various military jets and a display of M1 Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

    The tanks, however, will not move down Pennsylvania Avenue, as their weight would damage roads, according to media reports, citing US defence officials. They are instead stationed in static display at the event at the National Mall.

    The celebration is expected to conclude with fireworks.

    The Salute to America is taking palce on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.


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      MIlitary Choir Singing at Lincoln Memorial

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      Trump Concludes 'Salute to America' Address


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      'Future Belongs to Us' - Trump


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      'They Are Greatest Soldiers on Erath' - Trump


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      White House Releases List of 'Key Attendees' at 'Salute to America' Event


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      Trum Recalls Apollo 11 Mission, Vows 'American Flag on Mars'

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      Trump Says America 'Most Exceptional Nation'

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      Trump Begins 'Salute to America' Address in DC

      "We come together as one nation with this very special salute to America", Trump said.

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      ' 'Salute to America' Kicks Off with National Anthem

      Trump's speech will reportedly run for one hour at the Lincoln Memorial. It will be followed by a concert on the National Mall, and end with a half-hour fireworks display.

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      Trump Expects Good Weather During 'Salute to America' Address


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