11:19 GMT31 October 2020
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    In May, the legal team for Trump’s campaign demanded the DNC withdraw its lawsuit alleging a conspiracy between Trump and Russia after the release of Robert Mueller’s report. The DNC refused and now Trump's campaign lawyers are taking them to court.

    US President Trump's 2016 campaign lawyers went to court on Tuesday filing a claim against the Democratic National Committee that is alleging in a lawsuit that Trump's campaign conspired with Russia to secure Trump's victory. The lawyers turned to the recently released Mueller Report saying the document revealed a "doomed effort to prove a falsehood."

    "The assumption [of the lawsuit], was that the Special Counsel would substantiate the DNC's claims," Trump's campaign lawyers wrote. "Suffice it to say, that assumption did not pan out."

    The lawyers argued that the Mueller probe "definitively refuted the notion that the Campaign conspired or in any way coordinated with Russia."

    Released on 18 April, the 448-page Mueller report revealed there was no evidence of the alleged "collusion" Trump opponents keep accusing him of. The controversy surrounding the report is due to a considerable part of the public version of the document having been redacted.

    The lawyers say the report "debunks any such conclusion by walking through the vast body of evidence collected and establishing that none of this evidence showed that the Campaign formed any sort of agreement with Russia."

    "The DNC has thus made clear that it wants to proceed with a politically motivated sham of a case, tying up the resources of this Court and the Campaign — and inevitably burdening the President himself — all in a doomed effort to prove a falsehood," they continued.

    Earlier in May, the lawyers sent a letter to the DNC demanding they withdraw their lawsuit within three weeks or face the possibility of sanctions.

    On Sunday, DNC lawyers responded with threats that any attempt to request sanctions against the Committee will be met with sanctions against the campaign.

    "Over the course of more than 100 pages, the Report details the Campaign's repeated suspicious interactions with Russian agents, confirming and bolstering the central allegations of the DNC's" lawsuit, Joseph Sellers, a DNC lawyer said Sunday.

    "[Mueller] reiterated in a televised press conference last week that a decision not to prosecute should not be confused with an exoneration. And yet, this is exactly what the Trump Campaign does in its letter," Sellers added.

    Both Russia and the White House repeatedly denied all allegations of collusion or conspiracy, which special counsellor Robert Mueller investigated, conducting thousands of interviews with hundreds of witnesses, and eventually finding no basis for charging Trump with collusion.


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