21:46 GMT27 July 2021
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    White House staffers reportedly came to dread long overseas flights in the company of Donald Trump, where they allegedly have to deal with the lack of sleeping space and the president suddenly summoning them to discuss random issues.

    As US President Donald Trump embarked on a four-day visit to Japan, CNN unveiled a number of peculiar tidbits regarding the behaviour allegedly exhibited by the American head of state during lengthy international flights.

    Former and current government officials cited by the media outlet, argued that while White House trips are "gruelling endeavours", the overseas flights are "easily the worst".

    "The duration can stretch nearly 20 hours. Sleeping space is limited. The televisions are streaming Fox News constantly. And if the headlines flashing across the bottom of the screen are unfavourable to their boss, aides know it's time to buckle up for a turbulent ride", CNN claimed, adding that its account is based on "interviews with five current and former officials who have traveled with the President on Air Force One".

    According to the media outlet, Trump tends to remain in the front cabin, eating, watching TV or reading newspapers, conversing with aides, and making phone calls to friends and allies back home.

    "He will not go to sleep", one staffer remarked, as Trump, who reportedly sleeps about four to five hours per night at the White House, sleeps even less while aboard the plane, opting instead to "hold court" with his aides.

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    The president also reportedly tends to spend hours reviewing cable news coverage recordings or scrutinising newspapers and magazines, and can summon staffers to discuss his "upcoming meetings or devise a response to something he saw in the media" even if they were asleep at the time.

    The lack of designated sleeping spots aboard also allegedly forces staffers to take naps on couches, office chairs and leather benches, with the more experienced aides bringing yoga mats with them.


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