04:28 GMT11 August 2020
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    This is not the first time that Trump attacks the former secretary of state and questions his "mental capacity". This time, the rant was provoked by purported statements that Tillerson made in secret talks with House lawmakers.

    US President Donald Trump lashed out at former State Secretary Rex Tillerson on Twitter, calling him "dumb as a rock" for his alleged criticism of POTUS' lack of preparedness for the meeting with his Russian counterpart in in Hamburg. He further argued that Tillerson was "ill prepared and equipped" to work in such a high position.

    Earlier reports suggested that Tillerson had secretly met with congressional lawmakers on the Foreign Affairs Committee last week to discuss his activities as US secretary of state. According to the sources, cited by media outlets, Tillerson insisted that Russian President Vladimir Putin had "out-prepared" Trump during their 2017 meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

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    Trump's Twitter rant amused most netizens, who wondered why the US president would hire such a "dumb" person to be the frontman of American diplomacy.

    Some satirically "agreed" with the president's verdict regarding Tillerson's mental abilities, saying that otherwise, he wouldn’t have signed up for Trump’s team.

    One netizen noted that it’s unlikely that Tillerson would lie to Congress under oath - although it's unclear if he actually gave one, just to mess with Trump.

    Others simply reminded Trump of his earlier Twitter-praises of the then newly appointed secretary of state.

    Several Twitterians disagreed with the US president’s evaluation of Tillerson's capabilities, highlighting how much he has achieved during his lifetime.

    Trump has in the past slammed Tillerson as "dumb as a rock", insisting that he "didn’t have the mental capacity needed" for the job as a secretary of state. He also claimed that Tillerson was "lazy as hell" and complained that he couldn't get rid of him "fast enough".


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