02:04 GMT13 July 2020
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    The Louisiana Republican weighed in on the impeachment debate following a fresh row between Donald Trump and the Democratic leadership. POTUS marched out of a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she reportedly accused him of a cover-up amid growing calls from fellow Democrats to launch impeachment proceedings.

    Following a finger-pointing game between Donald Trump and the Democratic leadership over the results of the Mueller investigation and accusations of a “cover-up” against the US president, Senator John Kennedy stepped out with advice to the House Democrats. He, however, addressed them in a rather less than diplomatic manner.

    “I say this gently, and I say this hopefully constructively, to my friends in the House leadership: The House leadership needs to urinate or get off the pot. The leadership needs to indict the president of the United States, impeach him and let us hold a trial. He won't be convicted”, he said as cited by Fox News.

    The Louisiana Republican noted that otherwise 45’s opponents “need to go ahead and hold in contempt every single member of the Trump administration so we can move those issues into the court system and go back to doing the people's business”.

    He expressed hope that the House leadership and the administration would work the problem out. He remarked that they should sit down to talk, “not talk like eight-year-olds in the back of a minivan fighting – but talk constructively” to discuss the impact of their behaviour on important institutions. 

    The US president and the Democratic leadership clashed over their accusations against Trump only recently. During a presser after a failed meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, he announced that he would not work with House Democrats on a massive $1 trillion infrastructure investment bill unless they end their numerous investigations against him. Trump earlier sent a letter to Democratic leaders with the same message. 

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    Trump abruptly ended his meeting with Pelosi over her remark during a special meeting of the House Democratic caucus, convened ahead of the sit-down with the president.  She reportedly said that Trump is engaged in a "cover-up" operation. 

    According to Trump himself, he was taken aback by the news about the Dem meeting convened to discuss impeachment and told them to “get these phoney investigations over with”. He vehemently refuted any “cover-up” allegations, saying he allowed some 500 witnesses to testify during the Mueller probe, despite having the presidential privilege option, in order to keep his administration transparent.


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