10:10 GMT25 June 2021
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    Along with the Nazi symbol, piles of leaflets featured references to Trump’s bitter criticism of liberal mainstream media and a person named Tracey Mapes, who was detained in November 2017 after similarly dropping leaflets from a drone that condemned “media infiltrated by prostitutes”.

    Crowds of Ariana Grande fans found themselves being bombarded with leaflets  featuring swastikas as they lined up to see the Grammy Award-winning singer in Sacramento, California on Friday.

    Anti-Press, Swastika-Bearing Flyers Dropped From Drone Over California
    Anti-Press, Swastika-Bearing Flyers Dropped From Drone Over California

    The paper sheets bearing the notorious Nazi symbol started to hail down on fans as they gathered outside the city’s Golden 1 Centre stadium anticipating the latest part of Grande’s Sweetener tour, with most suspecting that the controversial messages had been dropped from a high-flying drone.

    Meanwhile, Golden 1 is allegedly not the only venue to have seen such an unexpected dispatch: the leaflets were also dropped on attendees of Sacramento State University's annual "Bites on the Bridge" fundraising dinner at the Guy West Bridge, according to student newspaper The State Hornet. 

    Along with distinctly Nazi symbols, another recurring theme featured in a number of the leaflets was President Trump’s strong “Fake News” rhetoric, with slogans calling to “stop the press”, “stop the TV wh*re takeover” etc. There was also room for the president’s famous battle cry, namely “Fake News!” — typically used to call out the bias of US  media outlets like The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post.

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    Some leaflets mentioned the so-called “Red X Society” containing the phrase “Tracey Mapes 2018” – a reference to a 57-year-old Sacramento man who had been nabbed by law enforcement after dropping annoying messages from a drone over a San Francisco 49ers NFL game in November 2017.

    Mapes took a swipe at the media at the time, calling it out as an “industry infiltrated by prostitutes and felons" and warned "the government control the message”. It is not clear if he has anything to do with the latest incident, but Mapes did bring up the flyers in his tweet to comedian Billy Crystal.

    The flyers at Ariana Grande’s concert prompted many netizens to point the fact that Trumpists’ devotion to Israel and anger at anti-Semitism go against the message of the leaflets:

    Hilarious remarks also arrived, with one stating that Dems, on the contrary, would have been expected to drop “key pages from the Mueller Report”:

    However, genuine indignation prevailed, with many citing fifty million people who died at Nazis’ hands:

    One, meanwhile, suggested that it could be a warning by left-wing donor George Soros:


    Anti-Press, Swastika-Bearing Flyers Dropped From Drone Over California
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