23:02 GMT09 May 2021
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    While some netizens criticised Lahren’s opposition to firearm control, others pondered on whether strict gun laws are really as good as advertised.

    Hollywood actress and activist Alyssa Milano ended up butting heads with political commentator and Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren online on the issue of firearm regulation as the United States reels in the aftermath of a deadly shooting in UNC Charlotte which left two people dead and four injured.

    As AOL notes, it all started when Lahren started criticising “the shameless Democrats” who “use tragedy to push for more gun control”, and slammed Rep. Eric Swalwell over his support of more strict gun laws in the wake of the UNC Charlotte shooting.

    ​When Swalwell responded by claiming that Australia has not had a single mass shooting since the country adopted its strict National Firearms Agreement in 1996, Lahren retorted that that legislation does not prevent Australians from owning guns, and that’s when Alyssa Milano joined the fray.

    ​Milano argued that Australia’s example shows how can have strict gun laws and be safe from “unnecessary gun violence” while simultaneously allowing citizens to own firearms, though Lahren simply replied that “it means more guns doesn’t equal more violence”, and threatened to exercise her First and Second Amendment rights if Alyssa and her “ilk insist on allowing illegals to invade our country”.

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    This exchange elicited a somewhat mixed response from the social media audience, with a number of people taking a dim view of Lahren’s statements.

    ​Some, however, stepped forward to give Alyssa Milano a piece of their mind over the alleged effectiveness of gun laws both in US and Australia.

    ​Several of Lahren’s critics also savoured the irony of the situation as she apparently posted her first tweet shortly before reports of the UNC Charlotte shooting started coming in.


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