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    An unidentified Days Inn hotel clerk from Norfolk, Virginia, was booted from his post this week after footage of him verbally harassing a customer went viral on social media.

    The incident unfolded on Saturday when musician Joshua October snagged a yogurt from the hotel's food bar after breakfast had stopped being served. "As soon as I grabbed the yogurt, he came, [stood] in front of the doorway and he just started yelling at me, telling me to put it back," October, whose real name is Christopher Auger, told local station News 3.

    October, who was in the area for a local performance, had helped himself the day prior at the same time, and hadn't been verbally attacked for doing so.

    Footage of the incident begins after the initial confrontation, showing the moments when the clerk opts to fling questionable names at October and critique his appearance.

    ​"Come on, boy. Come on, prison boy. Prison boy. Got a prison boy here," says the clerk as he hold up his phone in an attempt to record October. "Look at that little f**king dumb*ss haircut he's got. Looks like a f**king mop. Look at him. Looks like a f**king mop."

    "Look at all that s**t all over his face. You cant even see his f**king face with all that s**t," the clerk continues, zeroing in on October's facial tattoos.

    When the musician informs the worker that he will likely lose his job when the video begins picking up steam, the clerk rejects the notion, saying that he's not concerned about that possibility.

    "You think I'm worried about this job? Do you really think I care about this job? Do you really think I care?" he asks. "I ain't going to lose my job over you. Bye. Get the f**k out of here. Get out of here before I call the cops."

    Moments later, when the employee is seen speaking to someone on the phone, he tells that individual that he "doesn't care about this chump [October]."

    "He's a little f**king street punk, that's all he is. He ain't nothing to me. He's nothing. He's always been nothing, he'll always be nothing… he's got a damn mop for hair. He ain't nothing to me."

    The clerk never gave October his name, instead telling him that his name was "Cujo," a nod to the rabid dog featured in the book of the same name by author Stephen King.

    Going further in bashing October's looks, the employee continues to tell the artist that he's "just a little street punk" and that he looks like "something that came off the damn trash pile."

    October told Yahoo Lifestyle that the interaction "messed me up the whole day."

    "I already have anxiety, and this triggered it," he said. "He was profiling me — for my race and appearance. To him, I looked like a gang member."

    As it turns out, the cops were never called to the scene over the matter, and the employee was fired by the hotel's owner. Management officials at the hotel told News 3 that they'd never had any issues with the employee before.


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