06:57 GMT26 October 2020
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    The reported UFO sighting took place over Texas, with a woman arguing with her fiancé about its nature and insisting that the craft was not of this world.

    A San Antonio woman has shared footage of a mysterious object seemingly hovering in the distance in her suburban residential neighbourhood.

    "Ok what is it? It's f***ing hovering," the woman can be heard saying to her partner. "It's helicopters," the man responds. "That's a UFO," she responds. "Ok what is it, it's hovering in the sky, and one of the lights disappeared," she adds.

    Indeed, near the beginning of the video, the top light over the craft appears to separate from the main craft and zoom upward toward space.

    Speaking about her (moderately) close encounter, the woman explained that the incident took place on April 11 at about 9:15 pm, and said that the craft "stayed stationary," with the lights seeming "to rotate slowly as it raised higher and higher and the lights went out one by one."

    The frightened woman added that she heard "no sound at all" during the two minutes she and her future hubby stood in awe watching the craft.

    The sighting left people excited or freaked out, with popular UFOlogist YouTuber Tyler Glockner saying the triangular-shaped formation of the lights in the craft was "very common, with many people believing they are craft from out of this world, or sightings of the infamous TR-3B, or Black Manta," an alleged surveillance aircraft being developed for the US Air Force so wrapped in secrecy that its existence has never been confirmed.

    "The Black Manta is said to use anti-gravity technology that is, in turn, reverse-engineered from alien technology," Glockner added.

    Sceptics were out in force too, accusing of people of "jump[ing] to UFO theories too fast," while others offering own theories about what the craft might be.

    Believers stood their ground, insisting that this was indeed a UFO, or at least the secret US surveillance plane project mentioned above.


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