04:46 GMT14 June 2021
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States has good chances to outcompete other players in developing 5G telecommunications network, Federal Communications Commission Chairman (FCC) Ajit Pai said during a press briefing.

    "I am pleased to report that America is now well-positioned to win the race to fast, secure and reliable 5G", Pai told reporters on Friday.

    Pai explained that the FCC is making strides by freeing up spectrum, making it easier to install wireless infrastructure by rolling back regulations, and encouraging the deployment of optical fiber.

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    US President Donald Trump said during the press conference that no other country should outcompete the United States in the race to develop 5G networks. He added that the US approach to developing its 5G networks is private sector driven and private sector led.

    The United States, New Zealand and Australia have banned China’s Huawei from developing their 5G networks, citing security threats. Washington is lobbying European allies to introduce such restrictions and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has threatened to stop sharing intelligence with countries using Huawei equipment.

    Fifth generation mobile networks are the wireless telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G. The 5G networks operate in the millimeter wave bands (28, 38, and 60 GHz) and are designed to have higher efficiency, capacity, density and reliability. According to various estimates, 5G networks are expected by 2020.

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