08:01 GMT25 September 2020
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    Greg Craig was indicted on Thursday for making false claims and withholding information in a federal foreign lobbying inquiry, which coincided in time with Special Counsel Mueller’s report.

    POTUS Donald Trump has called out a newspaper over the page it picked to place a story about the indictment of a lawyer who served in Barack Obama’s administration.

    "President Obama’s top White House lawyer, Gregory B. Craig, was indicted yesterday on very serious charges", Mr Trump tweeted, going on to dub the story “really big” and knock “the Fake News New York Times” over not putting it on the front page, but “rather page 16”.

    “@washingtonpost not much better, ‘tiny’ page one. Corrupt News!" he exclaimed.

    The tweet triggered a storm of reactions online, with a number of netizens bringing up cases involving Trump’s former associates:

    …while some people drew attention to charges brought against Craig for work he did long after he left Obama’s administration:

    Another suggested that Trump needs to stick to something what would distract from the Mueller report, which is due to be soon released:

    Another drew a parallel with the incumbent president:

    …whereas there were those who underscored his work ties with Donald Trump’s convicted election campaign adviser Paul Manafort:

    The usual hilarious comments on Trump’s intellectual abilities also arrived:

    Greg Craig was indicted on Thursday for making false statements and concealing information in a federal foreign lobbying investigation. He was earlier charged on two counts for wilfully concealing material facts from the Justice Department about work he had performed for the Ukrainian government.

    The 74-year-old former White House Counsel lambasted the “unprecedented and unjustified” prosecution, which coincided with Robert Mueller's inquiry into alleged links between Trump officials and Russia, and expressed confidence that a judge and jury would agree.


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