01:20 GMT28 October 2020
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    Last week, a dispute between two men in front of a popular roller-skating rink grew ugly when one of them tried to grab the signature headwear of Trump’s presidential campaign with a caption reading “Make America Great Again” that his adversary, dressed as a pirate, was wearing. The latter attacked his opponent and cut his hand with a sword.

    San Francisco police have taken 30-year-old local Leor Bergland, who is suspected of injuring another man with a sword, into custody. As NBC Bay Area reports, he was taken to the county jail on several charges of attempted murder, mayhem, aggravated assault, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger and brandishing a weapon.

    Several days ago it was reported that a man, reportedly wearing a pirate costume, the signature hat of Donald Trump’s campaign with “Make America Great Again” and a sword, concealed under his jacket, slashed another man in the hand in front of a popular roller-skating rink and fled, leaving him bleeding. 

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    As the police found out, it all began with a verbal dispute between the two men that started when a pirate-looking man approached the victim. The latter tried to grab the MAGA hat, but the pirate-looking man whipped out the sword and slashed him. The victim was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The police then went on a manhunt for the perpetrator, who also reportedly screamed homophobic slurs to another witness before the attack, according to the San Francisco Chronicle and some Twitter users.

    ​However, several commenters have suggested that something was off about this story and suspected biased reporting.


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