05:37 GMT13 August 2020
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    Moments after what appeared to be a fireball shot through the sky, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement to let the public know it was merely a movie shoot – but not all netizens were buying it.

    A public announcement turned into a roasting session for the LAPD Wednesday night after the force's official Twitter account's public service announcement attempted to quell some suspicions about a possible "fireball" or "alien invasion."

    Prior to the PSA, the spectacle was captured by several netizens who spotted the fireball from different angles.

    Despite the authorities' assertion that the mysterious streaking orb was just a scene from a movie, netizens unleashed a series of jokes — while also bringing up some good points about the announcement's vagueness (it did not bother to specify the film's name or studio, for example).

    While dropping their hint under the LAPD's tweet, the Red Bull Air Force announced Thursday morning that it was their own skydivers, base jumpers and freeflyers who created the spectacle in honor of the third and final supermoon of 2019.

    "In order to mark the occasion, some of the most experienced skydivers, BASE jumpers and freeflyers on the planet in the Red Bull Air Force took to the skies above the famous American city for the aerial flight," the company release reads.


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