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    In this photo taken through a telescope lens, the city landmark, a weather vane in the form of an Angel, is fixed atop a spire of the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, as it is silhouetted on the rising moon in St.Petersburg, Russia

    'ANGEL' Claimed to Be Caught on Camera in Cloud Over US THRILLS YouTubers

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    The video, which claims that there is more going on in the sky than one might think, was uploaded to a conspiracy channel on YouTube. The man behind the account concluded that the figure in the photo taken in New York may be nothing less than one of God's messengers.

    A YouTuber with the handle MrMBB333, whose feed is full of conspiracy videos about strange natural phenomena, has teased his followers with a new “revelation”, claiming the photographer might have taken a picture of what looks like a “guardian angel” in the sky.

    According to him, the photo was taken on 5 March 2019 in New Windsor, New York, US, by a limo driver named John. The man was waiting for a client when he took a picture of a cloud that turned out to contain a strange figure when zoomed in on. According to the witness, the figure seemed to have wings and resembled a bird or an angel.

    The man describing the video argued that it seems too big and too far away to be a bird. According to him, the figure looked like it was hovering. 

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    The video gained almost 45K views and hundreds of comments. A good number seemed to share his enthusiasm, as many of them claimed that angels are real and opened up about experiences they have had with the divine creatures. 

     “A lot more going on in theclouds than you think”, one noted.

    However, not all of them were optimistic about the idea of an angel coming down.

    “I would imagine if it was an angel, it's not there to guard anything. More likely waiting for the order to pulverize NYC for passing the recent law and cheering about it”, one user noted.

    Others still had reservations about its authenticity.

    “Looks like another breakdown analysis for Captain Dissolution!” one jokingly posted.


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