01:46 GMT08 August 2020
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    Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie suggested during HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher that the former vice president of the US Joe Biden would have the best chance at beating Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

    Christie was asked during a show segment devoted to discussing possible Democratic Party nominees if there were any Democrats who have his signature “in-your-face approach” to dealing with the opposition, to which the former governor responded with “thank God no.”

    “I think Bernie has a little bit of that. You know, Bernie doesn’t back down to anybody and when Bernie’s got a point of view, he’s gonna say it and he doesn’t really sugarcoat anything. So I think Sanders is one of those people,” he said.

    Yet when asked about who would be the Democrats’ best choice to run in 2020, Christie replied that it is Obama-era Vice president Biden who Trump should be most concerned about.

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    “I think the one that the President would be most afraid of if he can stay in his lane is Biden. And the reason why is Biden could go to Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Michigan and appeal to white working-class voters. And if he does that, he only has to peel off 7,000-10,000 votes in each one of those states, and he only has to win two of them,” he said.

    According to a poll surveying 689 Democratic and independent voters conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University, Biden, 76, is now the most popular option to be the next presidential candidate for the Democrats, as fifty-three percent of voters said they felt excited about Biden running, while only seven percent expressed the same enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.

    Among Republicans, US President Donald Trump has the support of 72 percent in the latest GOP primary survey, according to McLaughlin & Associates statistics.


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