11:06 GMT28 February 2021
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    The US federal government was in a state of partial shutdown from 22 December to late January, until US President Donald Trump signed a temporary three-week budget.

    US President Donald Trump has delivered his annual State of the Union address before Congress amid the looming possibility of another shutdown that could begin on 15 February if the sides fail to break the impasse over Trump's much-championed border wall proposal.

    Despite signing the temporary budget, Trump said that he would continue talks with the Democrats on a full-fledged budget which he wants to include the $5.7 billion he's been demanding from Congress for the construction of a wall along the US' southern border.

    In his speech before Congress Trump addressed range of issues on domestic as well as foreign US policy. The US President spoke of US border security, international trade issues, Washington's policy in the Middle east, including US withdrawal from Syria, Trump's decision to pullout from the INF nuclear arms treaty and many more.

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    • 03:21

      US Conducts ‘Constructive’ Talks With Taliban in Afghanistan, Trump Says

      Trump said that the United States is engaged in constructive talks with a number of Afghan groups, including the Taliban.

      "In Afghanistan, my Administration is holding constructive talks with a number of Afghan groups, including the Taliban," Trump told Congress on Tuesday.

      "As we make progress in these negotiations, we will be able to reduce our troop presence and focus on counter-terrorism," Trump said before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday. "We do not know whether we will achieve an agreement - but we do know that after two decades of war, the hour has come to at least try for peace."

    • 03:15

      Trump Announces to Meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in Vietnam February 27-28

      US President Donald Trump during his State of the Union address confirmed that he will meet with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un for a two-day summit in Vietnam on February 27 and 28.

      "Chairman Kim and I will meet again on February 27 and 28 in Vietnam," Trump said before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

    • 03:09

      Trump Threatens to 'Outspend and Out-Innovate All Others' if Treaty to Replace INF Not Reached

      US President Donald Trump also said that any new agreement to replace the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty perhaps could include China and other countries.

      "Decades ago the United States entered into a treaty with Russia in which we agreed to limit and reduce our missile capabilities," Trump said Tuesday night. "While we followed the agreement to the letter, Russia repeatedly violated its terms. That is why I announced that the United States is officially withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or INF Treaty. Perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement, adding China and others."

    • 02:51

      Trump Says His Administration Sent to Congress 'Common Sense Proposal' on Border Security

    • 02:45

      Donald Trump said that his administration has sent to congress a "common sense proposal" that includes plans on humanitarian assistance, border security and a physical barrier on US Southern border.

    • 02:37

      Trump Says Sent Additional 3,750 Troops to Southern US Border to Curb Illegal Immigration

    • 02:29

      Trump Names Things that Can Stop US Economy

      US President Donald Trump said in his 2019 State of Union speech that only thing that can stop US economy is "foolish wars, politics, or ridiculous partisan investigations"

    • 02:16

      Trump Says Ready to Work with New Congress

      US President Donald Trump has called for 'cooperation, compromise' in his 2019 State of Union speech.


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