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    Nancy Pelosi

    'Hypocritical': Pelosi Mansion Stormed by ‘Immigrants’, Entry Demanded (PHOTOS)

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    According to Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, building a border wall is “immoral,” and undocumented immigrants should be allowed free entry to US soil.

    A group of right-wing activists led by the infamous Laura Loomer pulled a stunt at Pelosi's mansion, demanding entry to the congresswoman's property, claiming that since all immigrants are welcome in the US territory and the border wall is not needed, the same should apply to Pelosi's own house.

    ​Loomer, known for her numerous social media stunts, including interrupting congressional hearings and chaining herself to the doors of Twitter's New York offices, was joined by a group of people who described themselves as "illegal immigrants" from Mexico and Guatemala (which probably should be taken with a grain of salt).

    ​The activists jumped over a small wall surrounding the mansion and brought in a tent, decorated with photos of some of the US citizens killed by undocumented immigrants in recent years and the word "immorality" spray-painted across it.

    During the event, which was reportedly streamed online on Periscope, the protesters marched up to Pelosi's door and demanded to be allowed into the congresswoman's kitchen to make a sandwich. The protesters found the door to the house to be locked and called it "hypocritical" of Pelosi not to have "open doors and borders" to her own property, The Daily Caller reports.

    ​The activist group was subsequently kicked off Pelosi's lawn.

    "I'm being deported!" Loomer yelled in the video, as the police forced her away.

    According to a Washington Times report, no arrests were made, and Loomer walked away with a warning for trespassing. Pelosi has not yet commented on the incident.

    The US government is currently in its third week of a partial shutdown because of Pelosi's unwillingness to provide funding for President Donald Trump's border wall project, which she called "immoral." While Trump is demanding more than $5 billion of government funding for the wall, Pelosi has declared the Democrats will not give "one cent" for it.


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