06:47 GMT24 July 2021
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    An international group of hackers is threatening to "bury" the US government with so-far-undisclosed sensational information regarding the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. The hackers seem to be driven by economic motives rather than truth-seeking as they claim that the government can buy out potentially compromising data.

    The Dark Overlord, the hackers that have stolen what is said to be an archive of 9/11 litigation documents, have released decryption keys for a second cache of highly confidential data.

    Blaming US law enforcement agencies for preventing them from "speaking the truth", The Dark Overlord has unblocked the next batch after it has reached a certain milestone of payments from a curious public. "We can't allow the mainstream media to silence the truth any longer. We must ensure their propaganda is crushed by the truths we're dealing today", they said in a statement.

    "Layer 2", as the dump is nicknamed, comprises over 7,500 files. Just like the first layer, which was decrypted last week, this batch has failed to provide any sensational material such as the government concealing information about the attacks.

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    The newly released docs largely concern correspondence between insurance companies that were handling the claims stemming from the tragedy. They were discussing who the damages could be claimed for, with options ranging from airlines to the Federal Aviation Authority and terrorists. The litigators were also speculating on whether then-President George W. Bush or the Saudi royal family had foreknowledge of the attacks, but this correspondence fails to provide evidence of government involvement.

    The hacking collective claims that they have obtained thousands of documents from a US-based solicitor firm. They have split the treasure trove into five "layers", with each subsequent layer standing for more sensitive and highly confidential data.

    They offered everyone concerned the opportunity to come and get the docs — for a Bitcoin ransom of an unspecified amount. The group has apparently failed to obtain it from government agencies and firms; furthermore, they have been banned from Twitter and Reddit as well as their most recent platform of choice, the open-source blockchain platform Steemit.

    Layer 1 mostly included FBI interviews with American Airlines employees and relatives of passengers on the 9/11 planes, as well as confidentiality agreements and insurance pay-outs.

    There's more to come, however, the hackers tease, with Layer 3 containing as many as 8,279 files. In the end, they threatened, their revelation would "bury" the US "deep state" and trump "Snowden's finest work".


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