22:00 GMT05 July 2020
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    It has not been reported whether the US president made a New Year’s resolution, but it seems that if he did, then taking a milder stance on the media was not on the list. In a recent series of tweets, Donald Trump lambasted the “Fake News Media” as “the Enemy of the People” for knowingly demeaning his administration’s success.

    Donald Trump has stated on Twitter that reporting on him and his presidency by “the Fake News & totally dishonest Media” has never been worse, despite the success that the US is experiencing under his administration.

    ​He also accused the “crazed lunatics” in his own words of using non-existent sources for demeaning his administration’s success, calling for bringing honesty back to reporting.

    ​In his rant, he brought up the definition “the Enemy of the People” that he has previously used in reference to the media, despite the public criticism.

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    At the same time, he named names and called out the “Failing New York Times” for their reporting on his goals in Syria, which he referred to as “inaccurate”.

    He did not specify whether he was referring to a specific article, although stories on the withdrawal of US troops have appeared in the NYT numerous times. One recent story was published on 6 January. It said that Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton had suggested that pulling American forces out could take months or even years, in contradiction to the president’s 19 December announcement that troops would begin to withdraw in 30 days.



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