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    The border wall separating the United States and Mexico is pictured in San Ysidro, California.

    Trump Pressures US Senate, Dems to Pass House Spending Bill

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    Trump has been trying to convince US Senate Democrats to vote for funding the construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border for some time, stressing that it's crucial to stop illegal immigration, with the president even threatening with partial government shutdown if the bill isn't approved.

    US President Donald Trump has urged Republican Senator Mitch McConnell to fight harder in the Senate to secure funding for the border wall with Mexico, using the example of the Republican efforts in the House of Representatives on 20 December. He reminded him that Democrats are crucial for the Senate vote, as Trump requires 60 votes to pass the bill, while the Republicans only hold 51 seats in the upper chamber.

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    The US president also urged Mitch McConnell to use a so-called "nuclear option" to override the 60-vote requirement and pass the funding bill with a simple 51-vote majority. Trump also thanked US Republican Senator Steve Daines for expressing willingness to resort to the nuclear option, if debates with Democrats don't lead to a positive outcome.

    Trump also rejected claims that the concept of a wall had become outdated, arguing that it's the only thing that can protect the US. He noted that just as in case of the wheel, humanity hasn't come up with anything better than a wall for protection.

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    The US president accused Democrats of spreading lies about the border wall's effectiveness, bringing up the wall used by Israel to protect itself as an example of how effective they can be. He argued that his border wall would work as well as the Israeli one, adding that it would also save the US billions of dollars.

    Trump predicted that just like in the House of Representatives, the Senate Democrats wouldn't vote for strengthening border security and the construction of the wall. He threatened them with an imminent and long-time government shutdown if this were to be the case.

    President Donald Trump has been struggling with Senate Democrats for weeks in a bid to deliver on one of his major election promises — to build a wall on the border with Mexico to stop illegal migrants from entering the US. The bill requires 60 votes to pass, while Republicans control only 51 seats in the Senate, making cooperation from some of the Democrats a must for the bill to pass.

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    Trump threatened the Democrats with government shutdown if they don't approve funding for the wall. They tried to avert such scenario by voting for a two-week stopgap spending bill, but Trump refused to sign it on 21 December, ruining Democrat efforts to avert a shutdown.


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