19:27 GMT13 July 2020
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    Although the former government forensic investigators previously shared the relevant documents more than once with the FBI and IRS, this time, at a congressional hearing they opted to reference them without handing them over to the committee.

    Fraud investigators have revealed the Clinton Foundation’s "impropriety" in a Congressional hearing, referring to it as a virtual foreign agent acting in “its principals’ personal interests”.

    Former government forensic investigator John Moynihan and his ex-colleague Lawrence Doyle shared 6,000 pages of evidence of the afore-mentioned with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over a year ago, as well as with the FBI on multiple occasions. However, when testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday, they rejected the committee’s request to come forward with the relevant documents citing reluctance to be involved in any ongoing investigations.

    The rhetoric prompted the committee chairman, Rep. Mark Meadows, to refer to the ex-investigators’ understatement as hardly “a good foundation for truth and transparency”, whereas Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) said he felt the pair was “using” the panel for their own benefit, which caused Moynihan to strike back, saying his interest in the case is financial rather than political.

    Yet, the testifiers did agree to respond to the committee’s questions about the information contained in those documents. They started off by saying that the Clinton Foundation’s revenues had hit an all-time low after Hillary lost the 2016 presidential race, then Moynihan and Doyle went on to specify the foundation’s dealings with foreign agents, based on the said files, during Hillary’s term as secretary of state.

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    “Our conclusions, in the interest of time, are this: foreign agent — the foundation began acting as an agent of foreign governments early in its life and continued doing so throughout its existence, as such, the foundation should have registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act)”, Moynihan stated.

    Doyle weighed in, reporting their findings on the Foundation’s alleged “misuse of donated public funds”,  stating that the organisation “falsely attested that it received funds and used them for charitable purposes, which was, in fact, not the case. Rather the foundation pursued an array of activities both domestically and abroad”,  which included activities “properly characterised as profit-oriented and taxable undertakings of private enterprise, again failing the operational tests of philanthropy referenced above”.

    It is noteworthy, that John Huber, the Department of Justice prosecutor assigned to investigate the Clinton Foundation by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, did not attend the hearing. Along with a probe into the Foundation’s dealings, another issue on the agenda was Clinton’s approval of the sale of US uranium assets to Russia.

    Tom Fitton, of Judicial watch, meanwhile testified that “it was hard to tell where the Clinton State Department ended and the Clinton Foundation began”, to such an extent that the King of Bahrain, who continuously failed to meet Clinton as the country’s top diplomat, appointed a meeting with the Foundation instead. 

    There were, however, those, who stood up in defence of the Clintons’ organisation, with Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) likening the testimony to “Alice in Wonderland”. He claimed the hearing was an attempt to distract the public’s attention from similar investigations into the Trump Foundation that are currently underway, adding that regarding the uranium issue, the committee had an informant in the Uranium One deal-making process who was unable to present any evidence of misconduct.

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    Meanwhile, Moynihan and Doyle said they had sent in their evidence to the prosecutor three times, because the office reportedly keeps losing the material. In another controversial development, the FBI missed a deadline to turn over information on why they raided the home of another Clinton Foundation whistleblower, Nathan Cain, who delivered documents concerning the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One deal to a government watchdog, earlier this week. 


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