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    U.S. President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions attend the National Peace Officers Memorial Service

    Ex-Attorney General Sees Eye to Eye With Kanye West on Trump's 'Dragon Energy'

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    The “bromance” between the US president and outspoken musician Kanye West dates back to the then candidate’s 2016 national tour, but it reached its climax this year, after West’s comments on common traits of character that both of them share and his much anticipated visit to the White House.

    During a speech before the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce in Alabama, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions  voiced his intention to “chill out” a little, admitting that he doesn’t follow Trump’s tweets as much as he used to.  However, he came up with what appeared to be a bit of a flattering remark as well, acknowledging that the “public adventure” of working for Trump’s administration exceeded his expectations. 

    Despite being no longer being part of the administration, Sessions lauded Trump’s agenda, as well the president’s inherent drive to succeed, but stated that his frustration is largely a result of bureaucracy hindering his progress. Sessions expressed gratitude for having had the opportunity to advance the president’s and his own policies.

    To better illustrate his point of view, Sessions referred to rapper Kanye West’s words, widely reported back in April, saying that they portray Trump in an accurate way.

    “As Kanye West said, ‘He has dragon energy’”, Sessions said. “I think that’s a good description of it, really”.

    Several Twitterians immediately picked up on the former Attorney General's words, stating that he is dishonourably supine before Trump — the person who singlehandedly initiated his resignation.

    "Dragon turd," another chimed in.

    One suggested it is a demonstration of loyalty with regard to new goals:

    Earlier this year, West ranted that the public doesn’t necessarily have to agree with Trump, “but the mob can’t make me not love him”, thereby admitting his “bromance” with the president, whose communication skills he took note of as early as during his presidential campaign.

    “We are both dragon energy”, West wrote. “He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought”, he continued, some of his Twitter remarks even promptly drawing thanks from the president, who is astonishingly active online.

    In October, West was invited to the White House where he famously said that donning a MAGA hat makes him feel like Superman. However, he later chose to distance himself to some extent from politics, noting that he was sometimes used to spread messages that he personally didn’t share.

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    On November 7, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions quit his high-profile position at Donald Trump’s request. A month later, the US president announced his pick for the new head of the Department Justice – William Barr, who previously served in this role in 1991-1993, under former President George H.W. Bush.


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