04:04 GMT26 February 2021
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US Defense Secretary James Mattis said in a press conference on Monday that he has not signed off on extending US troops’ deployment on the border with Mexico and expects to have a request on his desk within 24 hours.

    "There is a request for extending [the presence of US] troops on our own southwest border, and no, I have not signed off on it," Mattis told reporters.

    Mattis explained that the Defense Department is working on the issue of extending the presence of US troops on the border with Mexico in terms of military and policy factors.

    "I expect that to be on my desk probably within 24 hours," Mattis said.

    Last Monday, the Mexican authorities said that more than 8,200 migrants from Central American countries have reached Mexico, with around 7,400 of the migrants staying near the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali.

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    A group of around 500 migrants attempted to storm the US border from Tijuana and was reportedly throwing projectiles at the US border patrol, prompting the US authorities to use tear gas and rubber bullets.

    The active duty military personnel were deployed to the US-Mexico border in October to assist the US border authorities in dealing with the arrival of the migrant caravans.


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