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    Brawl breaks out a Walmart location in Norfolk, Virginia

    ‘Drag Her A**!' Hair-Pulling Walmart Brawl Delights Onlookers (VIDEO)

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    Virginia's Norfolk Police Department launched an investigation this week after recently surfaced footage showed a multi-person brawl taking place in the freezer section of a local Walmart grocery store.

    The footage, which was uploaded to Facebook on Monday by user Apryl Kollins, shows warring parties dishing out fighting words and suggesting they take things outside the store. Several Walmart employees can also be seen trying to deescalate the incident before it descends into madness.

    It's unclear what exactly triggered the initial verbal exchange.

    Many customers who later spoke with local news station WTRK indicated that they were "happy" the brawl only involved fists, and not gunfire. "When I first saw it… I was just like, ‘That's how you really drag a person'… I rather see a fist fight any day rather than guns," an unidentified shopper told the station.

    Others who spoke with the outlet remarked that shoppers at the establishment should've tried to intervene instead of simply watching the brawlers continue their respective matches — one of which even included a woman being dragged on the floor by her hair.

    Though law enforcement officials were called to the scene after the fight broke out, all involved parties had already left the grounds by the time police arrived. No charges were filed in the matter.

    This latest Walmart fracas comes months after five individuals were arrested in Natchitoches, Louisiana, after they were filmed throwing down by the store's cash registers. According to the Alexandria Town Talk, the offenders were hit with simple battery and disturbing the peace charges.


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