20:50 GMT28 November 2020
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Election Day turnout has been very high in all districts that Democrats need to win to recapture chambers of the US Congress, leading pollster John Zogby said on Tuesday.

    "There is a high turnout in all places the Democrats need to win," the pollster, who leads the John Zogby Strategies polling firm, told foreign reporters at a briefing in Washington, DC.

    Traditionally, high voter turnout benefits the Democratic Party, he noted. Zogby said several indicators point to very high turnout in this year's elections, including the fact that around 40 million people cast early ballots before Election Day.

    The pollster predicted that Democrats and Republicans would not be able to find common ground after the election. "The two parties will not come together. Period," he said when asked whether the political rivals would cooperate if Democrats win the House and Republicans keep control over the Senate.

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    He suggested that such a deadlock would prompt both parties to launch investigations into each other.

    "The Democrats want blood, just as the Republicans want blood," Zogby said. But deadlock in Congress could bring some benefits to President Donald Trump in the longer term ahead of the next presidential election, Zogby said.

    "I think he is better off if the Democrats do win. It gives him a chance to run against them. The president is personally at his best when he is running against somebody who is trying to stop him and his agenda," he said.

    Such situation would give Trump an opportunity to launch a re-election campaign that paints him "as a victim of an old network" that has ruled in the United States for a long time, the pollster explained.


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