07:18 GMT04 July 2020
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    A massive migrant caravan has rushed across the Mexican border and is now moving towards the US, despite President Donald Trump vowing to prevent them from entering the country.

    A Facebook a user with the handle Chuy Saldana uploaded a video of an incident at the Guatemala-Mexico border that took place on October 28. The video shows a Mexican border guard helicopter flying low over the ground near the caravan of migrants coming from Central America.

    At some point, the migrants started throwing rocks at the aircraft, presumably trying to intimidate the border guards. After flying several circles around the caravan, the helicopter decided to leave. It's not clear whether the migrants actually managed to hit it or if the pilots simply decided not to take any chances.

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    US President Donald Trump has warned the migrants that if they start throwing rocks at American border guards, they could open fire. He later backtracked on his statement and said that no one would shoot migrants, but added that those attacking US soldiers and Border Patrol agents would be arrested and prosecuted.


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