11:35 GMT05 March 2021
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    The development comes just a few days after at least 12 potentially explosive devices had been found in the mailboxes of prominent Democrats, the CNN editorial office and President Donald Trump's critics, including billionaire activist and Democratic donor George Soros.

    Shortly after calling for unity on Friday after over a dozen mail bombs were sent to Democrats and Donald Trump's critics earlier this week, the US president took a swing at globalists, who are “cheating” American workers.

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    While cheering on him, the audience at the White House called out George Soros and yelled “Lock him up!” – the same phrase, which Trump famously used about his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

    Trump, who seemingly agreed with the call, chuckled, pointed to the person, who apparently came up with the idea, in the crowd and silently mouthed the same words –  “Lock him up.”

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    The exchange at the White House has caused much uproar on social media, with many being highly critical of Trump…

    …and suggesting taking action:

    Others, however, maintained that people should stop watching and reading mainstream media and dig a little deeper…

    …adding that people in the United States were entitled to their opinion even if it was different from the common views:

    Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros was among those who had received the potentially explosive packages this week, along with ex-President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and actor Robert De Niro.

    US authorities have arrested a man from Florida, identified as 52-year-old Cesar Sayoc, as part of the investigation into the suspicious mail bombs.

    Soros, who's well known for advancing a globalist agenda, has on multiple occasions slammed the current occupant of the White House, saying that his administration was “a danger to the world,” but  he regarded it as “a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner.”

    Trump, for his part, has also repeatedly targeted Soros, repeating conspiracy theories, with one of the recent attacks being taken to virtual space – Twitter – when he accused "Soros and others" of paying for signs carried by protesters at rallies against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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