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    The attorney, known for representing actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump, has sparked massive outrage after it was reported that he said the next Democratic candidate should be a “white male." Avenatti has repeatedly claimed to a number of US media outlets that he was misquoted.

    Michael Avenatti, the attorney known for representing the controversial adult movie actress Stormy Daniels, and widely believed to be a 2020 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, has sparked massive outrage this week after a Time report quoted him saying that the next Democratic candidate should "better be a white male," Thursday.

    "I think it better be a white male," Time quoted him saying about the Democratic party's next presidential nominee. "When you have a white male making the arguments, they carry more weight. Should they carry more weight? Absolutely not. But do they? Yes."

    Unsurprisingly, the report sparked a massive backlash.

    "Michael Avenatti has apparently said that he believes Democrats should support his 2020 presidential bid for one particular reason: He is a white man," and Independent report reads.

    The comment has raised so many eyebrows that several major news websites contacted the would-be nominee, only to find him saying that he never said that and that Time misquoted him entirely.

    The Daily Caller apparently was the first one to contact the attorney for comment, and Avenatti's comments were rather emotional.

    "I never said that, that's complete bulls**t. That's my comment, complete bullsh**t," he told the Caller.

    After the reporter read Avenatti's alleged comments to him, the attorney reportedly replied "No, that's not what I said" before hanging up the phone.

    Politico had more luck, as Avenatti's comment for this edition turned out to be more detailed, if still not entirely printable.

    "It's a f****** outrage," he told Politico about the the Time article. "I was misquoted and taken out of context."

    "Anybody who has seen any of my speeches would know I call out white males for not doing their part," Avenatti continued. "And I say that especially white males need to step up and be heard and defend women, minorities and people of color because they can't do it alone. I usually get standing ovations for it. That's what I meant, I've been applauded for it…. I'm not going to have people turn this into something that it's not."

    He reiterated this position in an interview for CNN.

    "A big tenet of my speeches is that we need more white men standing up and speaking up to defend women and minorities. When they do that, it carries weight among other white men," Avenatti told CNN.

    This week has been particularly unfortunate for Avenatti, as he has reportedly been hit a multimillion dollar judgement for failure to pay to a former partner, and on Thursday, the same day Time published its interview, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley referred Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick to the Justice Department for a possible criminal investigation over allegations they brought against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


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