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    An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer guards a group of 116 Salvadorean immigrants that wait to be deported,at Willacy Detention facility in Raymondville, Texas on December 18, 2008

    'Slap in the Face': Canadian Who Served Alongside US Army Gets Deported

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    The deported veteran said that he feels betrayed by the US government for being labeled a drug trafficker and that he now intends to hire an immigration lawyer in order to get the deportation order overturned.

    Demetry Furman, a 47-year old Canadian man who served alongside US troops in Afghanistan and is married to a former US Air Force officer, was deported from the United States. His his green card application was rejected due to a decades-old conviction, The Guardian reports.

    According to the newspaper, Furman previously held a "top-level security clearance" with the US forces while serving in the Middle East, and even worked with the US troops "on several successful anti-drugs operations that prevented millions of dollars of heroin coming to the West."

    Despite all that, however, Furman ended up being dumped on the Canadian border by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after being held for 77 days in a maximum security penitentiary in Ohio and being labeled as a drug trafficker, all because of one 1992 marijuana conviction, which "has taken on greater significance” under the zero tolerance immigration policies of US President Donald Trump, as The Guardian put it.

    "I feel betrayed. It’s a slap in the face because when I was in Afghanistan no-one cared what flag was on my shoulder. I’m labelled a drug trafficker by them right now, but when I was in Afghanistan and guarding poppy fields, I was stopping opium convoys through Pakistan to China to be made into heroin and shipped to the US," he said.

    The conviction reportedly came as a result of Furman driving a car from which a passenger tried to sell an ounce of marijuana to an undercover cop, which resulted in an $80 fine and 28 days of community service for the Canadian.

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    As Furman himself said, he is now contemplating his next move, which would "eventually include hiring an immigration attorney to try to get the deportation order overturned."

    "I’m not unique, I’m one of thousands of people this is being done to; other veterans that this is being done to. This has to stop. We believed in our government, we did what our government asked us to do, they sent us to war. And now we’re cannon fodder? No, we’re human beings," he declared.


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