02:05 GMT08 August 2020
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    The Category Four Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, at around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, bringing winds of up to 155 miles per hour and the possibility of deadly and catastrophic destruction.

    The massive storm is just shy of Category Five status, and is the most powerful to strike the US in nearly 50 years. The storm is expected to move east and north across the southern US. The National Weather Service has been warning those in its path that Michael is bringing "catastrophic winds" and a "life threatening storm surge."

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      Michael's Winds Down to 85 mph, Florida Storm Surge Decreasing

      The National Weather Service announced at 9 p.m. that Michael was positioned 80 south by southwest from Macon, Georgia, and very close to Albany, with winds of roughly 85 mph. Meanwhile, storm surge at Appalachicola, Florida, near where the storm came ashore this afternoon, reported a decreased storm surge down to only three feet above ground level and expected to decrease further overnight. The storm's minimum barometric pressure is 960 mb.

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      More Than 160,000 Without Power in SW Georgia, SE Alabama

      In Seminole, Miller and Decatur counties, over 90 percent of customers are reportedly without power and the state reports 113,000 people have lost electricity due to the hurricane so far. Between Georgia and Alabama, 160,000 are without power.

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      Transformers Exploding in Panama City Beach, Florida

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      Flash Flood Warning Issued for Albany, Georgia As Michael's Eye Bears Down

      Albany, Georgia, which sits on the Flint River, was issued a flash flood warning Wednesday lasting until 11:15 p.m. local time by the National Weather Service. The nearby cities of Putney and Leesburg were included in the warning, as the eye of Hurricane Michael passes over the area, dumping several inches of rain.

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      Michael Will Directly Hit Albany, Georgia, Overnight

      Albany, Georgia, a city of 74,000, will take a direct hit by the weakened Hurricane Michael as the storm passes over the city overnight Wednesday into Thursday. The National Weather Service reported 81 mph winds in the city around 8 p.m. while the center of the hurricane was still 30 miles away. Michael is expected to weaken into a tropical storm by the time it reaches the South Carolina border at about 1 a.m.

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      Michael Downgraded to Category 1 Hurricane as it Sweeps Across Southern Georgia

      The National Hurricane Center downgraded Hurricane Michael at 8 p.m. local time Wednesday to a Category 1 hurricane, indicating it had winds of 90 mph. It is about 30 miles southwest of Albany, Georgia, which is already being impacted by the storm's eye wall.

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      Florida Governor Warns Residents: 'Do Not Try to Come Home Tonight'

      As Hurricane Michael exits the state of Florida, governor Rick Scott took to Twitter, warning residents who fled the storm: "do not return to your house unless you know the path is clear. Going out without a clear route will put you and your family in danger ... We need the roads in impacted counties to be clear for first responders and search and rescue teams so that they can do their jobs and save lives. Please do not put yourself or your family in danger by going out on the roads."

    • 23:33

      First Death by Hurricane Michael Reported in Florida Panhandle

      Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Anglie Hightower told the press late Wednesday that a man was killed when a falling tree smashed through his home in Greensboro, Florida, and emergency services could not reach him in time. He is the first person known to have been killed by Hurricane Michael in the US.

    • 23:31

      Michael Continues to Weaken As Tropical Storm Warning Extends Up US East Coast

      NOAA reported at 7 p.m. EST that Hurricane Michael had weakened further since making landfall, with straight-line winds of 100 mph and a minimum air pressure of 950 mb. Tropical storm warnings have been extended up the US Atlantic coast from Georgia to Virginia.

    • 23:16

      Storm Surge Puts Whole Florida Islands Underwater

      Video from St. George Island, Florida, only 40 miles southeast of Mexico Beach, where the storm made landfall, is under a huge storm surge that sees large sea waves washing through trees and houses and water covered in debris.

    • 23:10

      American Red Cross Preparing Shelters in Central Georgia as Storm Nears

    • 22:41

      Florida Governor Announces No Known Deaths Due to Storm So Far

      Florida Governor Rick Scott announced Wednesday evening, as Hurricane Michael exited his state, that there were no known fatalities associated with the powerful storm so far.

    • 22:26

      Georgia Governor Places 18 More Counties Under State of Emergency, First Major Storm Hit Since 1898

      Georgia Governor Nathan Deal added 18 more counties to the state's State of Emergency, bringing the total to 110 of its 159 counties. Hurricane Michael is the first major hurricane (Category 3 or above) to give Georgia a direct hit since 1898.

    • 22:22

      Tornado Crushes Home in Central Georgia, Family Barely Survives

      A home in Crawford County, Georgia, was crushed by Hurricane Michael Wednesday evening. The homeowner and his wife reportedly took cover underneath their couch when they heard tornado sirens, just moments before the house collapsed. Area radar reportedly showed a large area of debris lofted over 11,000 feet into the air, indicating that a strong tornado possibly touched down there.

    • 22:12

      Michael's Winds Weaken to 115 mph as Storm Enters Southwestern Georgia

      The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration announced Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST that Hurricane Michael had weakened to 115 mph winds and its minimum air pressure had risen to 940 mb, both signs the storm is continuing to weaken as it passes inland and away from the warm waters that strengthen it. The storm has slightly slowed to 13 mph and is continuing on its NNE track.

    • 22:02

      Hurricane Michael Forecast to Weaken to Tropical Storm in Carolinas

      The National Hurricane Center said Wednesday evening that as Michael enters Georgia and the Carolinas overnight, it will continue to weaken, becoming a tropical storm as it passes over the Carolinas and into southern Virginia.

    • 21:45

      Building Facade in Marianna, Florida, Completely Collapsed by Storm

      The brick facade of a building in downtown Marianna, Florida, was completely ripped off by Hurricane Michael, along with parts of many other buildings along the street. Marianna is about 57 miles north-northeast of Mexico Beach, where the storm made landfall, and close to the track of the storm's center as it moved inland.

    • 21:30

      Florida Power Companies Report 192,000 Without Electricity

      Florida's State Emergency Response Team reported Wednesday afternoon that a total of 192,136 customers from various area power companies are without electricity roughly four hours after Hurricane Michael made landfall near the city of Mexico Beach on the Florida panhandle.

    • 21:05

      Panama City, Florida, Bank Found Gutted by Hurricane After Storm Passes

    • 21:04

      Hurricane Michael Closes in on Albany, Georgia, Winds Weakened to 125 mph

      NOAA's National Hurricane Center said the eye of Hurricane Michael is approaching extreme southeastern Alabama and southwestern Georgia and is about 70 miles southwest of Albany, Georgia, with maximum sustained winds of 125 mph. It is forecast to enter the sea once more Thursday night into Friday, strengthening before moving off the coast and becoming a post-tropical cyclone.

    • 20:57

      Residents Survey Damage in Panama City, Florida After Main Part of Hurricane Michael Passes

    • 20:47

      Hotel Canopy Collapses in Panama City, Florida, Crushing Cars

    • 20:30

      Entire Homes Shifted From Foundations in Mexico Beach, Florida

    • 20:21

      Hurricane Michael's 150-mph Winds Uproot Trees in Florida

    • 20:14

      Videos Show Wreckage From Inside Panama City Hampton Inn

      Twitter user Mark Sudduth, @Hurricanetrack, has been amassing video of the destruction Hurricane Matthew is wreaking as it tears through Florida. Video shows terrifying winds howling past a hotel in Panama City, and some of the aftermath. 

    • 20:08

      Devastation in Panama City, Florida, After Hurricane Michael Blows Through

    • 20:02

      Storm Surge Follows Eye Wall, Bringing Feet of Sea Water Ashore

      A powerful storm surge on the "backside" of Hurricane Michael has brought the sea ashore in Panama City Beach. Officials warned of a storm surge as high as eight feet due to the storm's intensely low air pressure and powerful winds.

    • 20:00

      Hurricane Michael Speeds NNE at 15 mph

      The National Hurricane Center noted that Category Four Hurricane Michael is speeding north-northeastward at 15 mph, much faster than Hurricane Florence that struck the Carolinas last month, which plodded along at less than 5 mph, dumping torrential rains on the same areas for days.

    • 19:55

      US States Rally Rescue Teams, National Guard Units to Florida Panhandle

      New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his state's national guard was deploying to the Florida panhandle to aid in rescue efforts. Governors of several other states, including Mississippi and Louisiana, have made similar announcements in recent hours.

    • 19:50

      Awe-Inspiring Video Shows Inside of Hurricane Eye

      This video shows the calm "eye of the storm" at the center of Hurricane Michael, and the huge thunderstorms in every direction that form the storm's eye wall, the most intense part of the cyclone.

    • 19:45

      Michael's Winds Peel Roof off Houses 'Like Tin Cans'

    • 19:43

      Storm Chaser Plane Shows Stunning Photos from Inside Hurricane's Eye

      NOAA scientists responsible for monitoring the wind speed, air pressure and other data about deadly storms took stunning photos from inside Hurricane Michael's eye showing the storm's intense eye wall thunderstorms and mesovortices, or high-powered swirling winds inside the eye that only appear in the strongest hurricanes and can be significantly stronger than the eye wall's straight-line winds.

    • 19:37

      Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Narrowly Missed by Flying Wood Beam

      The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, reporting live in the roaring winds of the storm, narrowly missed being "speared" by a flying 2x4 Wednesday being whipped around by the storm's 155 mph winds.

    • 19:34

      Entire House Ripped Apart by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Florida

    • 19:32

      'Catastrophic Damage Will Occur': Eye Wall Comes Ashore in Panama City, Florida

      The eye wall is the area of the strongest thunderstorms in a hurricane. The National Hurricane Center warns residents: "Catastrophic damage will occur: Well-built framed homes can sustain severe damage with loss of most of the roof structure and/or some exterior walls. Most trees will be snapped or uprooted and power poles downed. Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas. Power outages will last weeks to possibly months. Most of the area will be uninhabitable for weeks or months."

    • 19:29

      Trees Wave Like Blades of Grass in 155 mph winds in Panama City, Florida

    • 19:26

      Storm Continued Intensifying in Hours Before Landfall - NOAA

      The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center announced that in the hours leading up to Hurricane Michael's 1 p.m. landfall, the storm continued to strengthen, reaching a central barometric pressure of 919 mb, making it the third-strongest hurricane to ever hit the US. Only the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane (892 mb) and 1969 Hurricane Camille (900 mb) have been stronger.

    • 19:15

      Florida Governor Rick Scott Announces 1.5 Million Meals, 1 Million Gallons of Water Ready

      "Hurricane Michael has touched ground, and we continue to prepare rapid response Efforts. We have ready trucks loaded with tons of food, water and other critical supplies, including 1.5 million of ready-to-eat meals and 1 million gallons of water," the Florida governor announced on Twitter Wednesday in a post in Spanish.

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