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    Botched Halloween Joke: Woman Stabs Friend as Disguised Man Hands Her Real Knife

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    A group of friends, including a woman named Tawnya Greenfield, marked the start of the Halloween season by seeking an adrenaline rush in the so-called Nashville Nightmare haunted house in Madison, Tennessee.

    A woman stabbed her friend at a Halloween attraction after a passerby handed her what turned out to be a real knife and invited her to act, according to a police report.

    In the midst of the nerve-rattling haunted house adventure, a person wearing a costume, who the pals took for a staffer, came up to Tawnya uttering with reference to her friend, James Yochim: "is he f****** around with you?"

    Tawnya played along, nodding her head, after which the person handed her what she thought was a prop knife and commanded: “well here, stab him.” Tawnya followed the haphazard scenario, stabbing James, before she realized real blood was soaking his shirt and was on the knife. According to witnesses’ testimony, Tawnya indeed did not intend to do harm the man but attacked him unwittingly, as everyone present at the scene confirmed the knife didn’t look real.

    "His arm was gushing blood like something out of a horror scene," Tawnya said.

    Afterwards, the unknown knifeman calmly took the knife back and walked away, the friends told police, adding the stricken man was subsequently taken to hospital where he had nine stitches to treat his arm for “severe lacerations.”

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    Nashville Nightmare house has responded with a statement, stressing their patrons’ safety and security are highly prioritized concerns. They added that they believe “an employee was involved in some way, and he has been placed on leave until we can determine his involvement.”


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