22:32 GMT21 January 2021
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    The US President slammed the Democratic party after his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate, making connection between the acrimonious confirmation process and the upcoming midterms.

    Trump became critical of his political opponents in his Twitter account the night Kavanaugh was confirmed for the Supreme Court, calling the Democrats a “left-wing mob” and comparing them to arsonists. He also wrote that the Democrats are “too extreme and too dangerous” to govern. 

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    Earlier, during his “Make America Great Again” rally in Topeka, Kansas, Trump made a clear connection between the confirmation process which was extended by the investigation into Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct and the upcoming midterm elections. 

    “In their quest for power, the radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob. You saw that today with the screaming and the shouting…They threw aside every notion of fairness, of justice, of decency and of due process. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it,” Trump said.

    Kavanaugh, who had testified before the Senate last week, denied all accusations of sexual misconduct and suggested that they were a part of a planned “smear” and part of Democrats’ “revenge on behalf of the Clintons.“ The President supported his nominee’ noting that the Democrats’ involvement in the allegations were proof the Republicans needed to compel more people to turn out in the elections.

    “On November 6 you will have a chance to stop the radical Democrats…by electing a Republican House and a Republican Senate. We will increase our majorities. We need more Republicans. […] Over the past few weeks, every American has now seen the profound stakes in the upcoming elections,” the US President said.

    Kavanaugh was confirmed earlier on Saturday by a 50-48 margin, making it the slimmest gap for a Supreme Court nominee over the century. Senator Joe Manchin, facing a tough reelection in West Virginia, was the only Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh, while Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski became the only Republican who switched her vote from “yes” to “present”.


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