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    After Two Years of Trump, Most of the World Hates America Even More - Pew Poll

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    It’s been almost two years since Donald Trump was elected to the US presidency, but America’s image remains low around the world, a new poll surveying 25 countries released by Pew Research Center indicates.

    Close to home, opinions of the US in Canada and Mexico suffered drastically compared to last year, with 39 percent of Canadians and 32 percent of Mexicans saying they had a favorable view of the US. Trump has clashed with the leaders of both nations over trade policies and with Mexico especially over its immigration policy: two-thirds of Mexican respondents said relations with the US had gotten worse in the past year.

    ​Only 26 percent of Russians reported having a favorable view of the US, down substantially from 41 percent last year. Given the extraordinarily negative attention given to all things Russian in the American press and the slew of anti-Russian policies to come out of the Trump administration, it should be little surprise that 55 percent of folks in the land of blini think relations with the US have declined in the past year. Trump's approval rating in the country plummeted from 53 percent last year to a measly 19 percent today.

    The US' reputation fares little better with its European allies, with 43 percent among citizens of the UK, Germany, France and Spain seeing the country in a positive light.

    ​Is there any place where the US is liked?

    Israel and South Korea, two countries where Trump has made real diplomatic triumphs for his political agenda, have positive opinions of the US. Last December, Trump recognized Israel's long-standing claim to Jerusalem as its capital city, a claim denied by the United Nations, and 83 percent of Israelis approve of the US. In South Korea, where Trump has helped along an unprecedented progression toward peace with the nation's northern neighbor, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, with which both the US and South Korea have technically been at war since 1950, the US enjoys an 80 percent positive reputation. The US president's individual reputation in South Korea has also enjoyed a bump. With the possibility of denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, 44 percent of Koreans living south of the Demilitarized Zone say they have confidence in Trump — a big jump from last year's 17 percent, but not surprising, given at this time in 2017 The Donald was threatening to start World War III on their doorstep.


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